About Crani-Yum

A New Drink Experience: Setting The Standard For A Brain Boosting Energy Drink

Crani-Yum was built to provide an unparalleled enhancement in mental clarity and focus with potent doses of some of the most well-known and effective nootropics on the market:

  • 400mg Alpha-GPC
  • 300mg Lion's Mane
  • 200mg L-Theanine
  • 150mg Natural Caffeine

There were a number of things that were important to us when building Crani-Yum:

  1. Focus: Provide a noticeable improvement in mental clarity
  2. Flavors: Formulate bold, dynamic flavors that keep the consumer interested
  3. Can: A 16oz can was an absolute necessity. There are other energy drinks that we would drink personally but we choose not to because they are in a 12oz can
  4. Healthier: Zero sugar, Zero artificial colors, and added ginseng & inositol
  5. Lower Stim: With most energy drinks at 200-300mg caffeine, we wanted to provide a lower dose of caffeine, so we chose 150mg. Combined with the nootropics, it provides a smooth, long-lasting energy boost without the effects of too much caffeine

Meet The Founders

We (Brett Claussen & Jamie Stark, founders of Crani-Yum) have nearly a decade of experience in retail nutrition, and as a result, we not only drink energy drinks basically every day - we have spent a ton of time talking to everyday people who also drink energy drinks frequently. What we realized is that most energy drinks on the market currently really don't have a lot to them - just carbonation, caffeine, and flavoring (which many times are way too sweet) - and there is a huge opportunity to build a new type of drink that actually benefits the user's mental clarity and also tastes great.

Thank you for your interest and your support! We don't take it for granted!